Tools that improve the efficiency of your fence company are a must-have in today’s competitive market. At mySalesman, we understand that you need to meet your bottom line and provide excellent customer service. That’s why we have integrated our fence estimate tool with ArcSite, a fantastic computer-aided design (CAD) and estimation software. Continue reading to learn more about the seamless integration of these two programs and learn how you can level up your fencing company. 

Benefits mySalesman Fence Price Calculator

mySalesman is a unique fence estimate tool that provides customers with accurate, instant estimates for their next fence project. mySalesman is customized to your company, your prices, and your fencing materials, ensuring that the customer receives accurate, top-notch service. 


Customers and fence professionals both benefit from mySalesman; our software creates a win-win situation that offers unique benefits to both customers and fence companies. 

Benefits for Customers

When you implement mySalesman, customers can design their ideal fence using an aerial view image of their property. They can select the location, length, style, and design of their ideal fence and are provided an estimate based on your pricing model. Prospective customers can design multiple different fences to compare estimates and gain a better understanding of the type of fence project that will fit within their budget. 

Benefits for Fence Companies

As customers start using the mySalesman fence estimate tool, they are prompted to enter their contact information. Even if they do not complete the mySalesman estimate, you are given their contact information and can follow up with a phone call or email. Additionally, customers that use the instant quote tool have a more realistic sense of the cost of their fence project and what type of fencing is doable for their budget. 

Benefits of ArcSite Integration

The mySalesman software provides you with high-quality information about the client’s ideal fence in an activity report including the material, style, and estimated cost. This information is fantastic for the customer and serves as a great starting point for your team to finalize the estimate and get started on their project. 


When you use ArcSite, you can send this information directly from the mySalesman activity report to your ArcSite account and immediately start working on finalizing the estimate and providing a quote. When you log into ArcSite on your mobile or desktop device, the mySalesman activity report is populated into the ArcSite project, and you can get started without any hassle!

Frequently Asked Questions about the mySalesman and ArcSite Integration

How will the mySalesman and Arcsite integration improve the efficiency of our sales techniques?

mySalesman provides high-quality information about customer preferences that provides your sales team with reliable, pre-qualified leads and their preferences. After transferring that data over to ArcSite, you can create an accurate computer-aided design of the customer’s fence project on the go from your mobile device. The on-site drawings use your materials and pricing to generate a definitive estimate that you can provide to customers instantly. 

What is the benefit of using mySalesman along with ArcSite to create estimates? 

mySalesman gives customers access to accurate information about your company’s estimated pricing to help pre-qualify leads. Without mySalesman, your company has to rely on phone calls or time-intensive in-person estimates with customers that may not realize what budget is needed for a new fence. With mySalesman, customers can instantly see an estimated price for their fence project, allowing you to close more leads. The ArcSite integration enhances your efficiency and eliminates some of the time-consuming roadblocks that exist while providing finalized quotes. 

How can I get started with mySalesman and ArcSite for my fence company?

We encourage all of our prospective customers to try out the free demo of the mySalesman Instant Quote Tool. The free demo allows you to see exactly what a customer sees when they use the fence price calculator on your website. After using the free demo tool, you can contact our team online for more information or sign up using our online form today!

Scale Your Fence Business with the mySalesman and Arcsite Integration

With mySalesman and ArcSite, you can aid both you and your customers in improving the fence sales experience. By pre-qualifying leads, allowing you to follow up with prospective customers, and providing customers with accurate, instant estimates, mySalesman is a fantastic time-saving tool. To learn more about the specifics of our fence estimate tool, check out our frequently asked questions page

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With the mySalesman and ArcSite integration, it’s never been easier to level up your company and improve your sales technique. Discover why so many industry-leading fence companies love mySalesman by calling us today at (402) 260-5185 or contacting us online. Scale up your company and get ready to experience unparalleled convenience by trying out the mySalesman software today!