Busy and successful business owners know that maintaining fantastic customer service while onboarding new clients is crucial to managing your business, but both of these can be a huge drain on your precious time. Fortunately, the tools built into mySalesman’s estimating tool for fence companies can help you manage your customer relationships with minimal effort and time! Continue reading to learn more about how mySalesman has been the key to the success of hundreds of fence companies nationwide! 

Customer Management Advice from our Fencing Experts

mySalesman was created by fencing industry professionals for fencing companies, meaning we have years of experience installing fences and creating useful software to help you run your business. mySalesman has several unique features that make managing client relationships easy! 


We asked some of our fencing experts about their keys to success and how they integrate those practices into their fencing companies! Here is some of the best fencing advice we have for fence company owners with the help of mySalesman. 

Promptly Respond to New Client Leads

In today’s technology-driven world, clients have access to hundreds of fence companies at their fingertips and prompt customer service can set you apart from the rest. In the past, fence company owners have relied on phone calls, voicemails, emails, and contact forms filled out by clients to track and respond to client leads. With mySalesman, you can funnel your leads into one convenient area!


When a customer starts to generate an estimate using our estimating tool for fence companies, they will be prompted to enter their personal information, which allows you to contact them efficiently and conveniently. As soon as a customer finishes entering their desired fence material and customizations, you will receive a full report of this information as well. The customer’s contact information, fence preferences, job specifications, and projected quote will all be conveniently organized in the mySalesman software so you can respond to any quotes efficiently.  

Offer Fast, Accurate Estimates

When customers are shopping around your area for fence prices, they want to receive quotes quickly and without hassle. Calling fence companies, writing down quotes, comparing prices for different fence types, and trying to keep all of this information organized can be a time-consuming and daunting task for many customers. Fortunately, the mySalesman instant quote tool makes this experience much easier! 


Using our estimating tool, clients can instantly compare an estimated price for their specific project based on your pricing model. From the comfort of their own couch, they can instantly receive an accurate estimated price while comparing the cost of various fencing styles, customization options, and gate additions. Our estimating software ensures your customers can receive a quote 24/7 for your convenience. 


Want to see how easy and convenient our instant quote tool is for your customers to use? Discover how customers will interact with the instant quote tool by trying out our free demo

Manage Projects Effectively

Effective project management is crucial when you’re trying to manage the demands of many customers. Clients may follow up on their instant estimate with a phone call, reach out with questions, or want to follow up on the status of their project. With mySalesman, managing these tasks is easy! 


With mySalesman, you will never lose track of an estimate generated by our software or the client’s contact information. With mySalesman, you’ll be able to effectively oversee your fence projects and estimates. This state-of-the-art software empowers you to become the best fence salesman you can be, offering improved project tracking.

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When it comes to choosing a software solution for your fence company, why settle for anything less than the reliable and proven effectiveness of mySalesman? The evidence is clear in our customer testimonials – numerous fence companies have already seen remarkable improvements in their customer satisfaction after implementing mySalesman. 

Get Started with the Best Estimating Tool for Fence Companies

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