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About mySalesman

mySalesman is a lead qualifying software program that attaches to your website and allows you to save valuable time and money by “pre-qualifying” your leads. Not only do you get intel before you meet with your customers on site, but you’re able to give your customers instant feedback within minutes.

Inquiry Request

mySalesman attaches to your current website.

Google Maps

mySalesman captures contact information, and utilizes Google Maps to provide customers with the ability to find their property.

Draw Tool

The draw tool allows the customer to easily design a fence, and place gates, directly onto the map image of their property.

Easy Set Up

Customize your companies catalog, and pricing structure.

Budget Summary

A summary page with the fence estimate, homeowner’s contact information, and sales team information will be emailed to both the homeowner, and fence contractor for easy communication.

What can mySalesman do for your fence company?

Qualify Leads


With mySalesman your sales rep will “Know before they go.

The fence layout, total LF, style, and budget range for the style of fence that was selected. Set your sales team up with a program that gives them all the information they need before ever setting foot out the door. Watch your closing ratios go up with every qualified lead.

Save Time


By prequalifying your leads, your customers already know what to expect. They have chosen the type of fence that fits their needs, and have a budget number in hand.

Save Money


Everyone knows that “Free Estimates” are not free at all.  It takes fuel and valuable time to meet with your customers. Eliminate those overhead costs by making sure your customers are serious about purchasing a fence.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, your company will benefit from a simple set-up process, a customizable catalog, easy integration into your website, and database logging with myReports. Our real-life customer service representatives will help you get started, and are available to help, over the phone, or through an online meeting, FREE of charge, at any time.

Administration Tools

myBusiness Info

Edit your company’s information that will be seen throughout the mySalesman interface.

  • Upload your company’s logo and provide the main company contact information
  • Add sales representatives including specific contact information and profile photo


View data being stored from customer inquiries

  • Filter data by date
  • Easily access customer information and inquiries


Edit your fence catalog items that customers will choose from

  • Edit inventory options specific to your company
  • Choose from our catalog of image thumbnails to match fence options or provide your own
  • Enter prices to reflect your company’s actual prices
mySalesman is a successful tool used by the customer, and is of immense value overall, for both customer and sales rep. Our newest product is called myEstimator. Unlike mySalesman, which was made for the customer to use, myEstimator was created to be used by the sales rep. It is an easy to use tool in which the sales rep can calculate a final quote for the homeowner, generate a material list, and work order. This new program will track each user with an advanced CRM system that is second to none. The CRM program tracks customer information, installation process, and warranty period. Having the two programs will give you the best of both worlds.

About Us

Our founder, Matt Warner, is a man of the fence industry. He has experienced the problems mySalesman was create to fix.


Our goal is to save time and money, by providing fence contractors with an efficient way to qualify leads and manage their sales. As a salesman and branch manager in Lincoln, Nebraska, one of the biggest challenges in my day-to-day operations was asking, “Does this customer want a fence now, or do they just need a budget for the future?”   Our employees spend many hours meeting with customers that never intend to purchase a fence from us, or our competitors. After adding up the expense of fuel and time spent on these unsuccessful leads, I decided I wanted to develop a program for customers to get a budget on their own. My goal was to find a simple way for customers to explore different fence options while being in the comfort of their own home. This easy step by step, mySalesman program, ultimately produces a well qualified lead.

Matt Warner


We have found My Salesman to be a valuable addition to our website. It helps potential customers who are unsure what a new fence will cost get a good feel for a realistic budget. This improves the quality of our leads and helps our salespeople be more productive.


Joyce Mante
American Fence & Flag
Whitehall, PA

Speaking for Brothers Fence…

“mySalesman has been one of the most valuable resources our company has ever utilized. The simple ability to qualify a lead before making initial contact with the customer has saved us countless hours and is truly priceless. The ROI on mySalesman is unreal, it’s a no brainer. Give it a shot and I promise you’ll never let it go”

Chris Cox, CFP
Site Works LLC.
Arvada, CO

mySalemsan quote program has been the best investment we have made for our company.  The time it saves, the high closing ratio we get along with giving the customer an immediate price range along with great customer experience is well worth every penny we spent. We loved it so much we actually use it on 2 different sites.
Aaron Smith
A to Z Quality Fencing

Teaming with mySalesman has proven to be very successful for our company. We have been able to grow our business, while running fewer appointments, with higher close rates. Throughout our 40 member sales team, we have also been able to improve our service to our customers by utilizing the time saved on running leads with little to no potential of closing. By eliminating the weak leads, we save several hundreds of dollars per day and also save on wear and tear of our vehicles. Jayme and Matt were very involved in getting their software integrated to our website and also helping our branches setup the costs matrix that drives mySalesman. We value their relationship and highly recommend their service!

Bobby Batchelor, CFP
Vice President of Operations
Seegars Fence Company
Goldsboro, NC

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