For fence contractors, finding a fencing estimate software that simplifies your workflow is essential, and the consequences of choosing a low-quality fencing software can cost you precious time and money. At mySalesman, we created our software for fence contractors with several key features to improve customer satisfaction and streamline the estimation process. Let’s walk through some of the main features of a great fence estimation software! 

Important Features in Software for Fence Contractors 

mySalesman is a unique fencing estimate software that allows customers to receive an instant, accurate estimate for their fencing project using an aerial view image of their property. Your clients will draw their desired fence, choose from your selection of fencing materials, and customize their estimate with any add-ons before receiving a unique estimate. Afterward, you’ll receive a comprehensive report from mySalesman with their contact information, completed estimate, and details about their fencing preferences! Choosing the right software can ensure that your estimates will be accurate and help you close more deals. 

Accuracy and Precision

Precise measurements and accurate cost estimates are the foundation of our fencing estimate software. When customers use aerial view images of their property to draw their fence, the mySalesman software accurately determines the estimated length of the fence. We take great care to ensure that the measurements used in our calculations create an accurate fence quote. 


With the mySalesman tool, you trust that customers will receive an accurate estimate thanks to our precise measurement software. Not only will accurate estimates help your customers trust your fence company, but they will also help conveniently weed out potential clients who cannot afford your services. 

User-Friendly Interface

Easy-to-use software is an important part of ensuring that both customers and your team adopt our software for fence contractors. On the client’s side, a user-friendly and intuitive interface will help them stay engaged in the software and make clients more likely to finish their estimates. mySalesman allows clients to easily draw the proposed location of their fence, add gates or other customization options, and quickly change between fencing materials. 


The mySalesman software is simple for fence estimators as well. Our system generates a report that contains the client’s contact information, proposed fencing project, and computer-generated estimate in an easy-to-review manner. Using this information, you can effortlessly follow up with clients and discuss the finer details of their projects. For a first-hand perspective of our fencing estimate software, check out our free demonstration.

Customization and Flexibility

mySalesman’s software for fence contractors uses your pricing details to create customized quotes for your clients. With our system, you can input and modify your pricing model for each fence material or gate type. With this level of customization, you can ensure accurate and consistent estimates for each project, eliminating guesswork and promoting transparency with your clients. 


Additionally, with the flexibility offered by mySalesman, you can adapt and refine your pricing model as your business evolves. Take advantage of a Salesman’s ability to work with your company and watch as you close deals with client after client. 

Integration Capabilities

One of the many advantages of our fence estimating software is its seamless integration with other essential tools, like ArcSite. Imagine a hassle-free operation where customer information seamlessly flows between your fence estimation software and other tools, eliminating the need for tedious data transfer. 


With ArcSite, you can easily transfer the information mySalesman obtains from customers, including project preferences and estimates. After transferring the information to ArcSite, you can start creating computer-aided designs from your mobile device and provide customers with finalized quotes. With this level of integration, you can focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional service to your clients. 

Use our Fence Estimating Software to Improve Your Fence Company

With all these factors in mind, mySalesman is one of the best pieces of software for fence contractors nationwide. To learn more about how the mySalesman software has improved other fence companies’ workflow and sales process, check out our customer testimonials. We are proud to have helped hundreds of fence companies across the United States revolutionize their fence company with our software. 

Get Started with the Best Fence Estimating Software

For the best fencing software, look no further than mySalesman. With a carefully thought out design and unique features unavailable with other fencing estimation software, mySalesman is unique in its ability to simplify your sales technique and bring in more customers. To get started, contact us online or call us at (402) 260-5185. When you partner with mySalesman, you can elevate your fence company to new heights!