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Cannon Johnson
Jackson Fence Company

How Much Time Does mySalesman Save Us?

Aaron Smith
A to Z Quality Fencing

mySalesman quote program has been the best investment we have made for our company. The time it saves, the high closing ratio we get along with giving the customer an immediate price range along with great customer experience is well worth every penny we spent. We loved it so much we actually use it on 2 different sites.

Actual client. No incentive was offered for this 5-star review.

Chris Cox, CFP
Site Works LLC - Arvada, CO

"mySalesman has been one of the most valuable resources our company has ever utilized. The simple ability to qualify a lead before making initial contact with the customer has saved us countless hours and is truly priceless. The ROI on mySalesman is unreal, it's a no brainer. Give it a shot and I promise you'll never let it go"

Actual client. No incentive was offered for this 5-star review.

Joyce Mante
American Flag & Fence

We have found mySalesman to be a valuable addition to our website. It helps potential customers who are unsure what a new fence will cost get a good feel for a realistic budget. This improves the quality of our leads and helps our salespeople be more productive.

Actual client. No incentive was offered for this 5-star review.

Cannon Johnson
Jackson Fence Company

The Difference mySalesman Makes for Jackson Fence

Alex Harris
Fencing Unlimited

I would have to say that My Salesman is one of the best tools that we have just because customers think it is super cool how they can get an estimate instantly and they are amazed at how the program works, and how easy it is to use. We are able to put a wide variety of fencing options on My Salesman so that they can get an instant estimate on pretty much everything Fencing Unlimited offers. Having My Salesman on our website allows us to be able to give estimates 24 hours a day seven days a week without a salesman being involved. For customers buying new homes for first time or first time fence buyers, this is a great tool for them to use to get a budget of what it's gonna cost for them to get their fence installed. We have definitely noticed a lot more people completing the mySalesman process over filling out a simple web form the traditional way. If I had to say it in a simple sentence, it would be... My Salesman is an awesome addition to our sales team and if you're running a fence company without it, we''re doing it wrong!

Actual client. No incentive was offered for this 5-star review.

Bobby Batchelor, CFP
Seegars Fence Company

Teaming with mySalesman has proven to be very successful for our company. We have been able to grow our business, while running fewer appointments, with higher close rates. Throughout our 40 member sales team, we have also been able to improve our service to our customers by utilizing the time saved on running leads with little to no potential of closing. By eliminating the weak leads, we save several hundreds of dollars per day and also save on wear and tear of our vehicles. Jayme and Matt were very involved in getting their software integrated to our website and also helping our branches setup the costs matrix that drives mySalesman. We value their relationship and highly recommend their service!

Actual client. No incentive was offered for this 5-star review.

Joe Everest
Ozark Fence

mySalesman has made a significant difference in how we do business. Most notably it allowed us to remain open and provide proposals during mandatory distancing periods. The team has been great to work with, quickly helping walk us through changes and updates when needed. Five stars just doesn't seem like enough for the value we've received!

Actual client. No incentive was offered for this 5-star review.

Chris Steele
High Steele Fence

I absolutely love it! 5 stars, hands down. It's completely changed the way we do business. If you're NOT using mySalesman, you are losing. You are wasting time and money, and your salesmen probably hate you.

When we first saw mySalesman we thought it wouldn't work, but we were totally wrong! The price brought us there after we heard some other businesses talking about it. Only a week after we purchased it, a customer called in saying she was looking at her land on Google thinking she could measure it out there. We told her to go through the mySalesman feature on our website. She did, we sold the fence, and literally only went to see her in person to pick up the deposit check!

Actual client. No incentive was offered for this 5-star review.

Jaime Hays
Veterans Fence

mySalesman has been an AMAZING tool to use, both in our offices and with our customers! We often receive leads via mySalesman, when customers have gone onto our website and drawn where they believe their fence will go. This helps with both delivering any potential sticker shock before we schedule an appointment, while also giving our customers an idea of what their fence will cost. Also, it has helped our office team to be able to give ballpark estimates over the phone, because they can draw out a fence for the customer.

Actual client. No incentive was offered for this 5-star review.