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  • Instant Quote
  • Explore options
  • they are in control
  • no-pressure
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It's Fast!

Your customers can get a quote in just a few minutes.

A key component to our system is how FAST a customer can work through the process to get a quote. Because it's so fast, they don't mind using it!

easy process

Your customers can easily design their own fences in minutes

Even novice computer users can easily follow the steps to getting an instant online quote for their next project.

explore options

Your customers can explore options to select their perfect fence.

Your customers will "explore" the impact of making different choices and choosing different configurations. They will become educated consumers by using this tool.

No Pressure

Your customers will feel at ease through the entire process.

Consumers often feel rushed or pressured when speaking with a salesman. Our tool allows people to relax and to move at their own pace - eliminating stress and pressure!

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Why mySalesman is Awesome for CUSTOMERS

key features

Satellite View

Over head satellite view of the property allows users to easily approximate the size and position of their fence.

Fence Types

Customers can choose from every type and style of fences that you offer at the click of a button.

Customization Options

Customers can review the entire range of color options, size options, and other customizations that you offer.

Additional Services

Customers can easily add gates to their configuration as well as staining services for their fence and/or deck.

Instant Quote

After just a few simple clicks of the mouse, your customer receives an instant online quote paste on pricing guidelines that are specific to your business.

Multiple Configurations

Customers can go back and add additional fences - selecting different options, allowing them to compare pricing differences to choose their favorite.