In today’s fast-paced world, customers and potential clients are looking for instant, online service in all aspects of their life, including when looking for a new fence. mySalesman’s Instant Quote Tool is the ideal solution for keeping up with this fast-paced world, and we have customer testimonials to back that up! 


Cannon Johnson at Jackson Fence, one of our premier partners, has used the mySalesman software for years with great success and loves the many benefits mySalesman lends to his company. Continue reading to learn how Cannon transformed his business and improved his sales techniques. 

Jackson Fence Before Implementing the mySalesman Fence Estimating Software

Jackson Fence is a premier fence company in the West Tennessee region area and their services are in demand! Before working with mySalesman, Cannon and his team were constantly running to and from potential job sites to meet with customers, qualify leads, and provide estimates. Many of those leads didn’t pan out after customers realized they couldn’t afford the quality fences Jackson Fence builds or simply weren’t ready to invest in a fence quite yet. 


“There are a lot of people that aren’t ready… They can’t afford our service. And it [the mySalesman fence estimating software] lets them know… we appreciate you. We appreciate you [the customer] so much that we have this tool on the website, and we want to give you the information [about our services and prices].”


As all fence company owners know, providing quotes is time-consuming and labor-intensive. In fact, before implementing mySaleman, Cannon and his crew struggled to keep up with customer calls and estimates while managing the day-to-day operations at Jackson Fence. 

Improving Efficiency with the mySalesman Fence Cost Estimator Tool

With the mySalesman fence estimating software, customers can click a link and immediately receive a custom estimate for their project based on your pricing. After inputting their address, customers can draw their fence using an aerial-view image of their property and compare the estimated costs of different fencing materials and add-ons.  


Without mySalesman, Cannon and his team were traveling to customer properties to provide detailed, in-person estimates or trying to walk customers through the estimate process on the phone. Not only was this time-consuming, but it also took an employee out of the office where they could have been answering phone calls, managing projects, and organizing invoices. 


Today, Cannon can spend time investing in his business and his customers while mySalesman provides customers with custom, accurate estimates for their next fence project. When asked how much time mySalesman saves Jackson fence, Cannon said: 

“It saves our company … a full-time person, I guarantee it. I have time to spend on my computer now and do work [instead of providing estimates]”.


We offer a free demo to demonstrate mySalesman’s ease of use and show how our instant quote tool can improve the way you do business! 

How Integrating mySalesman Can Improve Customer Service

mySalesman has revolutionized the way Jackson Fence provides its services; since implementing the mySalesman fence cost estimator tool, they are now able to keep a salesperson in the office full-time. This member of their team can answer any calls from customers about estimates or ongoing projects, and best of all, follow up with potential clients that used the mySalesman instant quote tool!


“What we preach at our company is … let’s keep a salesperson in the office from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM every single day. We couldn’t do that without mySalesman… There’s no way we could be at the office every day without mySalesman”


When a customer uses the mySalesman tool, they are prompted to enter their name and contact information. Your company then receives a report, and your salespeople can call and email potential customers to show your commitment to customer service!


“We’re there – when that phone rings, we can talk. When somebody [uses] mySalesman, we can call them back immediately.”

The mySalesman Advantage

Jackson Fence attributes many of its successful leads to mySalesman and has been using our fence cost estimator tool for over three years. As fence people ourselves, we know what it takes to make customers happy, and that’s why we are dedicated to seeing your success with the mySalesman fence estimating software. 


With mySalesman, you can revolutionize your sales technique and streamline your fence business just like fence industry leaders! See why fence companies nationwide love mySalesman with our customer testimonials. Leverage the ease of use and instant results of the mySalesman software for your fence company today!

Contact mySalesman for the Best Fence Estimating Software

As the demand for instant, accurate service continues to rise, it’s clear that mySalesman offers a game-changing advantage for fence companies. By adopting our fence estimating software, you can unlock your full potential, maximize profitability, and stay ahead in a competitive market. Get started by giving us a call at (402)260-5185 or contact us online. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your fence estimation process – explore the possibilities of mySalesman today!