Business owners invest significant time on growing their business, training their staff, maintaining relationships with their customers, and managing timelines and projects. Taking time to chase down leads and create estimates can be time-consuming and even ineffective. mySalesman was created to help fencing industry professionals cut down on sales staff expenses. By switching to an online, easy estimation tool, many of our clients have been able to reduce manpower, reduce travel time for their sales team, eliminate time spent on unproductive leads, and simplify the estimation process into a uniform, consistent system, enabling them to use the resource savings to invest in other areas of their business.

Benefits of Using Our Fence Company Software

There are many advantages to using mySalesman’s fence company software. Your entire organization will benefit from using our online fencing calculator. Here are a few of the reasons mySalesman will improve your business: 

Customers Love mySalesman

Customers appreciate the ease of using mySalesman to get their fencing quotes. There is no pressure, and they can compare options at their own pace. Our online fencing calculator makes it easy to draw property lines, make adjustments, and choose a fence. You can even compare the material, style, color, height, and price of each fence in one setting. Customers enjoy being able to easily switch between options to find something that fits their budget and design preferences. 

Benefits of mySalesman for Sales Managers

You have probably spent some time searching for the best software for contractors, and we think mySalesman fits the bill. Sales managers who use our product find that they save time because they don’t have to travel all over their region chasing down leads. They also find that their close rates improve because they can see exactly what their customers are interested in and can follow up with tailored recommendations. Being able to simplify the sales process, increase customer satisfaction, and easily run reports with expert insights makes mySalesman a valuable tool for sales managers and their teams. 

How mySalesman Helps Business Owners

Fence company owners find mySalesman to be an incredible help because they can save money, cut down on sales team expenses, reduce travel time for their sales team, increase efficiency, and improve their process. mySalesman is a proven tool and tops the list of the best software for contractors in the fencing industry. It’s easy to introduce to your team. Empower your workers by providing them with this beneficial, time-saving tool.  


We have several years of experience and many grateful customers. Take a look at our online reviews to see what your contemporaries have to say about us. We think you’ll see why we are leading the fencing industry with the best software for contractors! 

How Does mySalesman Work? 

We understand the importance of making sure your customers receive accurate estimates for the projects that you pursue. We designed mySalesman to make this process easier for you and your team. When you choose mySalesman, you can add a section directly to your website that your customers can access. They will get started by entering their name, address, and contact information. Through aerial maps provided by Google Maps, your customers can draw their fence line over the top of the image provided. They can also drag the perimeter lines to make adjustments as needed, add gates, and easily compare all of the available options your fence company provides. Once they have finalized their selection, they will receive an email from your company, including a summary with their quote and contact information for your fencing company. 


Your sales staff then has all the pertinent information to contact that customer and set up an in-person appointment. This allows your team to properly measure, assess for any potential issues, and provide answers to any questions your customer may have. After completing this step, your team will provide the customer with a final quote for their fence installation. 

Contact mySalesman for Expert Assistance

As leaders in the fencing industry, we are here to help you improve your business, create viable sales opportunities, and build your business so that you can reach the level of success that you desire. We have built our reputation by providing our companies with expert assistance, and we look forward to showing you how we can simplify your business processes. Call us at (402) 260-5185 or contact us online with any questions you may have. Our friendly, experienced team is here to help you take your business to the next level!