The best fence estimating software on the market, mySalesman, has been providing solutions for fence companies nationwide since 2012. By providing tools, features, and benefits specifically to support business owners, sales managers, and customers for fence companies – they’ve grown to be one of the leaders in the fencing industry. But did you know how this amazing software company got started? If you’re a fence company looking for ways to improve efficiency and increase sales, read on to discover why the mySalesman program may be exactly what you need!

Experience and Expertise Since 2009

Empire Netting & Fencing was founded in 2009 in Waverly, Nebraska by owner Matt Warner. The company quickly grew to become one of the most successful companies for commercial netting and fencing solutions across the entire USA. However, the sales team found that many potential clients had no idea about fencing costs or installation processes, which resulted in a lot of dead-end leads and lost time and money. Matt wanted to create a program that would let the customer have some idea of what products were available and how much they would cost BEFORE a sales team member arrived. 


mySalesman was developed by Matt and the pros at Empire Netting & Fencing as a way to help save time and provide sales teams with a better way to capture leads and interact with potential clients. There’s no one better to help other fence companies than another successful fence company!


What makes mySalesman stand above the competition? It’s our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and our great ability to deliver high-quality fence estimating software with exceptional customer service at a reasonable cost.

Time is your Most Valuable Asset

As a small business owner, one of your most valuable assets is your time and the time of your employees. So now that you know who is behind the best fencing estimating software on the market, it’s time to find out why you need it!

mySalesman saves time and money with the prequalification of leads. With mySalesman, you can manage your catalog, print useful reports, and give your estimating team the tools it needs to handle the various stages of fencing projects, from product selection during the initial phases – to installation during the final phase. You’ll see an increase in efficiency, close rates, and customer satisfaction as a result!


mySalesman fence software acts as a CSM (customer service manager), allowing for more consistency in the sales process with the input of customer information while allowing the sales staff to give immediate and prompt customer feedback based on their input. 


mySalesman allows customers to shop without pressure, see the options that are available, and delivers instant feedback for customers on fence quotes so they can see and decide what’s in their budget. This not only provides an improved experience for your customers but speeds up the sales process, resulting in a higher close rate for your business. 

Don’t Take Our Word for it! 

The mySalesman fencing calculator has been used by customers, sales managers, and business owners since 2012, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide as a result. Here are just a couple of testimonials from happy clients:


“It helps potential customers who are unsure what a new fence will cost get a good feel for a realistic budget. This improves the quality of our leads and helps our salespeople be more productive.”


“mySalesman has made a significant difference in how we do business. Most notably, it allowed us to remain open and provide proposals during mandatory distancing periods. The team has been great to work with, quickly helping walk us through changes and updates when needed.”


You can read more of our customer testimonials and reviews on our website to see why mySalesman might be a good fit for your fence business!

Your Company can Benefit from our Fencing Calculator   

mySalesman fence estimating software will benefit your customer base by improving their online experience and your sales team by allowing them to spend less time on paperwork and more time on customer service. The best part is that it is simple and straightforward to use! It integrates seamlessly with your existing website, and our experts make the implementation process quick, simple, and effective for business owners like you. We can get you up and running in less than an hour!

Get Started with mySalesman Fence Software Today!

If you own a fence company and want to save time and make more money, adding our instant quote tool may be the best move you can make! Try the demo so you can see how easy and valuable our innovative fence estimating software tool really is. It will bring your company to the next level in efficiency and productivity! Contact us online today and let us know how we can help, or call our sales team at (402) 260-5185 for more information. Let’s do this!