In a world where customers have nearly unlimited access to a competitor’s website, reviews, customer testimonials, instant communication, and social media, up-to-date technology is a top priority. mySalesman works with many top-rated fence companies to streamline customer interactions using the best fencing estimation software and client management tools. Continue reading to learn how mySalesman can improve your customer satisfaction and discover what sets mySalesman apart from other fence company software. 

Why is a Fencing Estimate Software Necessary? 

We live in a fast-paced world where customers prioritize convenience and satisfaction. While qualifying customers over the phone and providing in-person quotes was sufficient in the past, many clients are interested in an instant estimate for their fence project with immediate customer service. 


As your fence company grows, traditional techniques will no longer be sufficient to keep up with customer demands; that’s where mySalesman comes in! We offer the best fence company software to manage clients and offer instant fence project estimates that are customized to your company. Continue reading to learn about the specific features mySalesman employs to improve customer satisfaction. 

mySalesman Allows For Self-Service 

As our world evolves and becomes more digital, customers are interested in utilizing self-service tools before speaking with a customer service representative. Our fence estimation software allows potential clients to draw the length of their ideal fence, select a material and style, and add additional features, such as gates. Immediately, the customer receives an estimate for their fencing project based on your company’s prices and specifications. To compare estimates, the customer can then change the location, length, style, and type. 


By utilizing the best fence company software from mySalesman, your potential clients can design their ideal fence at their leisure. This flexibility increases customer satisfaction and retention, allowing you to close more deals! 

Prompt Service Prevents You From Losing Clients to Competitors

mySalesman is not only a fence estimate software, but it’s also a client management software as well! Customer satisfaction is improved with quick and efficient services that eliminate downtime. Our fence company software will immediately notify one or more members of your team, whatever you prefer, that a potential customer has received an instant fence quote. Along with this notification comes information about the customer’s request and their contact information, allowing you to immediately follow up with the customer and discuss their fence project further! 


By giving each customer personalized attention based on the fence options they input into the mySalesman fence estimation software, your customers will know that your company offers high-quality, individualized customer service and that you care about their patronage. Our fence company software and your personalized customer service are a combination that cannot be beaten and will set you apart from local competitors! 

Our Fence Estimating Software Provides a Drop-Off List 

With busy schedules and the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, potential customers can start a fence quote but get distracted, resulting in them leaving their online quote unfinished. However, we offer an amazing tool that improves customer services by allowing you to follow up with these potential customers – a drop-off list! 


Using our drop-off list, you can contact customers that start an online quote and show them how much you value their business. Customers are more reluctant to switch to a fencing competitor when they personally connect with your business; capture customers with the help of the best fence company software!

Reduce Length of Salesman Calls with Lead Tracking

Time is money and extra sales calls can cost your fence company! With mySalesman, we help you track your leads and the details about the quotes they receive. Therefore, all of your sales personnel have easy access to customer-specific information to efficiently respond to their needs.


With traditional sales calls, customers may give their fence project specifications to one of your employees. But mistakes can happen and notes may be lost or sales personnel can go on vacation, leading to lost notes and leads. These difficulties can deter customers from choosing your fence company. Avoid losing clients by using our fence company software and improving customer service!

Contact the mySalesman Team Today to Get Started

If you own a fence company and want to save time and make more money, adding our instant quote tool may be the best move you can make! We offer a free trial, so you can see how easy and valuable our innovative tool really is. We can assure you that it will bring your company to the next level in efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction!

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