Created to help fence companies improve efficiency and increase sales, mySalesman is the most effective lead-qualifying tool on the market. It is packed with powerful features that were designed to save your company precious time, and create a better way to interact with your clients. Our fencing calculator helps enhance the customer experience by providing instant feedback on fence quotes so customers can see what’s in their budget range. Read on for some of the advantages of pre-qualifying your customer leads with our fence company software.

mySalesman Saves Time and Money

The information you gain when pre-qualifying a lead can tell you whether a person wants, needs, or can afford what you’re selling. When using our fencing calculator, customers can plan a fence project, build a materials list and see installation recommendations, and fence companies can provide them with a solution that fits within their budget immediately. Therefore, your fence company can ensure an improved customer experience, and avoid any dead-end leads.


Additionally, once the information has been entered using the simple and easy-to-use steps provided by mySalesman’s fence company software, the onboarding process has essentially been completed, saving your company both time and money in the end.  

Educating Customers Helps Them to Make Faster Decisions

Many potential clients are unaware of the cost involved when building a new fence. Empower them to educate themselves with the best fence estimating software instead! A critical component of our system is how quickly a customer can move through the process to obtain a quote. They don’t mind using it because it’s efficient and convenient! 


Our tool even allows them the freedom to explore the financial impact that different choices and configurations will have in designing their perfect fence. Since customers can move at their own pace while exploring their options without the stress or pressure often felt when speaking with salesmen. After using our fencing calculator, clients are more knowledgeable and confident about the pricing and options available, which alleviates uncertainty-allowing you to close more deals in less time! 

No More Wasted Trips

Given the growing cost of fuel and the time it takes to drive and complete an estimate, fencing businesses cannot afford to offer free estimates to unqualified leads with unrealistic expectations. This problem is resolved with mySalesman, the best fence company software for estimating. Because the property owner has gone through the process of designing their own fence project and received an estimate, they already know the approximate cost before you even arrive!

Try Our Fencing Calculator and See How Your Business Grows!

Your customers will feel supported when mySalesman provides them with the instant answers they want when shopping online. Customer satisfaction may increase your close rates while yielding higher revenue for your business! Your team will feel supported when using this tool because it will allow them to do their job more effectively and efficiently! 

Are you ready to save time and grow your business? Then why not try the best fence estimating software for fencing contractors, mySalesman today! We offer a free 30-day trial so you can see for yourself how easy and valuable it is to allow your customers to get their own free fence quote. Try the free demo to see how easy it is to use our online tool. contact us and let us know how we can help, or call our sales team at (402) 260-5185 for more information. Let’s do this!