For thousands of fence companies across North America, getting leads for new fence projects may not be a problem, but helping each customer through the process and qualifying them can be time-consuming and burdensome. That’s where the lead qualifying tool at mySalesman comes in! Our features and fence company software solutions are built for ease of use, connecting you with the right customers and saving you and your team precious time.


What Makes MySalesman the Most Effective Lead Qualifying Tool Around?

mySalesman is a unique, easy-to-use software solution for fence companies and staining companies all across North America, providing a fast and free instant quote tool for their customers. Our program was developed by a team of fence industry professionals who saw the need for a program to streamline and vet their customer quote and retention processes, as well as give their entire sales team an invaluable tool to help them do their job even better. Who better to develop a program for fence companies than people who understand first-hand what it takes to run successful companies?


Fence Software Solutions for Everyone!

One of the greatest parts of the fence company software program from mySalesman is its intuitive features that not only benefits fence companies and staining companies, but also provides hassle-free solutions for their customers! There are multiple benefits for everyone – benefits for each fence company as a whole to their sales team and every customer that needs a quote.


Homeowner Solutions

mySalesman gives each homeowner or business owner looking for fence or staining services the opportunity to get their own virtual quote exactly when they need it. No back and forth messages or waiting needed! Simply open the quote page and walk through each simple step to get a rough estimate of the cost range a fence may cost. They get to see all of the fence options up front and see how a fence can fit onto their property. This gives them control and the ability to quickly adjust the fence types they want to explore.

Salesmen Solutions

Using mySalesman’s quote tool gives your sales team an advantage when it comes time to speak to your potential customers. Not only does it save time and energy, but customers who get an online quote already know the price range they are looking at for their new fence as well as all of the options they have available. Using this method helps improve close rates for jobs and gives the salespeople a chance to keep reports and know exactly how to prepare to best help each customer before driving to meet them or speaking to them on the phone.

Business Solutions

Unlike other fence company software solutions, we streamline the process of onboarding when you sign up for mySalesman. There’s no complicated process you have to wait weeks to complete. When you sign up, our teams works with you right away to get your account up and running and ready for customers to use! Our proven tool can empower your sales team and gives your company the competitive advantage in your area.


The Key Features of our Software Solutions

The simple, helpful features of our mySalesman fence company software solution is so easy to use, it’s amazing! Simply provide the link to your clients on your website or via email and let the program do the rest!


Draw the Fence Line

When your customers open the free estimator tool, they will be asked to draw the lines where they want their fence to go. Satellite images make it easy for them to see where their property is and they can draw an approximate line to get a great idea of the area they need to enclose.


Select Fence and Deck Options

Next they get to choose their favorite options from your available fence types and styles. They can choose whatever features you want to predetermine for the tool, even down to the colors you have available.

Quote in an Instant!

Once the customer is satisfied with the options they choose in the instant quote tool, they can automatically see the projected price range. If they would like to make changes, they can simply adjust the details, or even add additional fence projects or deck projects to the quote. Once they are satisfied, they can click on the “next” button, and the quote request will be sent directly to your team! It’s that easy!

Manage Your Lead Qualifying Tool Catalog

If at any time you need to adjust your catalog of products and prices, you can access it at any time in your mySalesman account. Simply login and make whatever changes you need!

Useful Reports

Any customer that submits a quote will be tracked in your account in our fence company software system for easy access and information. This is a great tool for your sales team to gather what they need when meeting with your potential customers.

We’re Your Answer for the Best Reliable Lead Qualifying Tool!

For all your lead qualifying needs for fencing and staining, talk to our mySalesman professionals who are happy to help you with any questions or projects you may have. You can sign up right on the website for a free 30-day trial, or call us at (402) 260-5185 for fast, friendly service!